Since I already receive emails from people wanting to guest post on this blog, I figured now would be the time to post an official write for us page and invite readers to share their knowledge with others.

What types of articles does TMW approve?

Despite the name, tomakeawebsite posts a variety of articles related to software such as WordPress, blogging, SEO and other topics. Here’s a partial list of some of the approved topics:

  • Blogging
  • WordPress
  • How to type articles
  • Infographics
  • SEO
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Make money online
  • Design

Guest Posting: The Guidelines

If you want your article to be accepted then please adhere to these guidelines:

  • English articles only.
  • Article length must be at least 850 words. Typically the more in-depth the article the greater chance it has of getting accepted.
  • All articles must be unique. We use Copyscape to make sure articles are not plagiarized.
  • Your article cannot be republished elsewhere after being posted on TMW. If it is then your account will be banned and your article(s) deleted.
  • You should use heading tags.
  • If you are using a copyright protected image then please provide the appropriate attribution at the end of your article.
  • No self-promotion articles accepted here and you need to proofread all articles before submitting them.
  • You need to provide a short author bio at the end of your article with a link to your own blog (if you have one) or social media accounts.
  • You must respond to comments and share the posted article via your social media accounts.

If you don’t follow these guidelines then your post will be declined. In addition, if we find that you violated any of our guidelines after your article has been posted on TMW then we  reserve the right to remove all links from your article(s) and ban your account.

Benefits of guest posting for TMW

Unlike many other blogs nowadays, we at TMW allow you to have a dofollow link in your author bio section. Just know that thanks to the changing Google algorithm and their building dislike toward guest posting we only accept high quality articles. Seriously, we do not accept low quality articles and certainly don’t accept anything that could be considered spam.

To get the gist of what I’m saying I’ll post this nugget by Matt Cutts (head of Google webspam team):

I just want to highlight that a bunch of low-quality or spam sites have latched on to “guest blogging” as their link-building strategy, and we see a lot more spammy attempts to do guest blogging. Because of that, I’d recommend skepticism (or at least caution) when someone reaches out and offers you a guest blog article.

I take that last advice very seriously. It can’t be said enough, anything that resembles low quality, spam, or quickly thrown together posts will not be accepted here since it is frowned upon by Google. Not low quality, not even medium quality, high quality only.

Where do you submit articles for TMW?

After you have typed up your article simply send an email with your article to: adminclark (at) Also, if you’ve ever written for other websites then please send us the links to those guest posts.

If you have any questions then feel free to send them via the contact page.