5 Best Content Aggregator Websites

Best Content Aggregator Websites

Content Aggregation, What is it?

Content aggregation can be very useful for newer websites trying to get more exposure and traffic to their blog. What Content aggregation does is collects a list or category of links/posts and resources on a specific niche. Think of it kind of like an article directory, the only difference being that you don’t have to worry about it hurting your website in the search engines (assuming you only submit to top quality aggregators).

The posts are available for all to see and (provided you are listed with the right networks) can do wonders for traffic and even backlinks.

Do not get carried away with getting your site listed in content aggregators. While there are several great ones (listed below), there are also plenty of spam content aggregating websites that you shouldn’t want any part of.

Top 5 Content Aggregator Websites

1. Alltop.com

Alltop is the best Content Aggregator website, it has an alexa rank of 6,800 (as of this writing) and a pagerank of 6. Best of all, Alltop gives you a dofollow link to your content.

The catch? It is extremely difficult to get listed on Alltop. You really need to offer top quality content if you want you blog to get listed on their website, but it is possible, even for newer websites. For example, this website was able to get listed on Alltop 24 hours after applying (while being less than a month old at the time), now I am featured on their WordPress category page and have even gotten posts featured in their “Most Topular Stories” (Topular not a typo) section.

2. Blogengage.com

I like this one…but I also hate it. I like that it gives a dofollow link and markets your content on their social media platforms, I don’t like that you have to pay for it. I much prefer going after content aggregator websites that require top content rather than membership fees. After all, how will Google respond to this in the future?

Still, Blogengage is an excellent way of getting your content seen, especially since your posts will be (provided you choose the right membership plan) marketed to thousands of social media followers.

3. BizSugar.com

BizSugar is another content website that allows you to submit news, specifically news related to small businesses. Best of all, unlike Blogengage, BizSugar allows you to submit news for free, no membership required.

4. BloKube.com

Not my favorite content aggregator by any means, BloKube is still a suitable alternative to Blogengage and BizSugar. BloKube is great for getting exposure to your blog and network with other bloggers, which is good for building relationships with other bloggers of similar niches.

Unfortunately the website only allows you to post content if you become a paid member.

5. AffBuzz.com

Unlike the previous four content aggregator websites, AffBuzz is a very narrow content sharing option that aggregates content related to affiliate marketing only. If you have a quality blog that is related to affiliate marketing you can try your luck and recommend that your site be listed.

One thing to know about AffBuzz, they typically don’t list new websites, even if those websites have high quality articles. They also prefer that you already have a decent amount of visitors/readership to your blog.

Those are just several, of many, content aggregators. If you want my recommendation, I would go after only two or three, preferably AllTop and Blogengage (if you don’t mind spending a little). Also, don’t get discouraged if you are rejected. Many content aggregators are extremely selective about which blogs they include. But if you do get included, be sure to read the FAQs and Guidelines as some aggregators have conditions for your listing, such as with AllTop who will hide your feed if you don’t post after 28 days.

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