Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins for Better Navigation

One of the most important metrics of your website is navigation. It’s a critical component to user experience and usability, especially if you are wanting your traffic to click through more than just one page of your website.

Sure, there are other ways you can make your blog easier for visitors to navigate through with links to other content, some sort of related posts section at the end of all of your blog posts and a helpful sidebar to guide users to your most recent and most popular articles.

Nothing beats your main menu when it comes to navigation though. The main menu is displayed at the top of every page on your website and virtually all WordPress themes have support for the top menu and there are even ways to make your top menu navigation more appealing to visitors.

For this reason your main menu should be one of the most important aspects of your website that you consider since it will be the place your visitors will turn to when they want to search through your blog.

Many bloggers put a lot into their main menu for these reasons and go above and beyond to make it look great. One of the most popular methods of doing this is to install a ‘mega menu’ on your blog.

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What is a Mega Menu?

Think of a mega menu as a ‘fancier’ main menu for your blog. Typically a mega menu is a very elegant menu option designed to replace the sometimes bland top menu navigation. Usually WordPress themes, especially free themes, don’t have a built-in mega menu, but some premium themes do.

Mega Menu’s definitely aren’t necessary but they are a great way to spruce up your top menu and better the navigation experience of your traffic. They are particularly useful for larger blogs with thousands of web pages.

For smaller blogs the standard main menu navigation should be enough for your website, but if you run a blog with thousands of pages, or if you just want a fancier looking main menu then a mega menu is probably the way to go.

With a mega menu you have a bit more control over how your menu looks. For example you are able to add things like pictures and small descriptions to your mega menu.

This makes your blog look more professional and can even help you get your visitors to click through more of your webpages.

Where do you find mega menus for your blog?

If you want to add a mega menu to your blog you will have to do one of two things. Either buy a premium WordPress theme that has a built-in mega menu or buy a mega menu plugin from a developer. I will outline a few mega menu plugins and themes with built-in mega menus below.

WP Mega Menu

WP Mega Menu

WP Mega Menu is probably my favorite plugin out of this list. Not only is it feature rich, but since it is developed by MyThemeShop you are able to use the plugin on as many websites as you want. WP Mega Menu works right out of the box, has three custom layout types to choose from, has the option to show reviews in the mega menu, comes with the ability to upload your own background image and more.

You can even tweak the many settings that come with the plugin such as choosing which loading effects to use, adjusting the color to fit your website perfectly, choosing the right font and adding animation effects among many other things.

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UberMenu is the most popular mega menu plugin on the Code Canyon website. It has over 43,000 sales and a solid 4.6/5 rating. It is also probably the most advanced mega menu plugin on this list. The plugin is mobile responsive with touch-enabled, has over 50 style settings you can adjust including background colors and headers and has dynamic item settings to tweak such as the order and filter for things like categories.

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Mega Main Menu

Mega Main Menu

Mega Main Menu is another popular mega menu plugin on Code Canyon. With it you have access to 10 different types of menu dropdowns, all of which are able to be easily customized to your liking. Settings can also be customized, such as the background color, types of fonts to use, over 1600 vector icons to choose from and the option to place any type of content in your menu dropdowns such as widgets, text, links, images and even shortcodes.

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Superfly Mega Menu


Another responsive and unique mega menu plugin and the last on this list is Superfly. With Superfly you will be able to have a drop down menu in the corner of your blog (see above pic) in addition to plenty of other settings and features typically found in mega menu plugins. With Superfly you can add icons to your menu as well as widgets and shortcodes, tweak settings such as the color and hover over effects and even specify if you want to show or hide the menu on mobile devices and/or desktops.

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Themes that come with built-in mega menus

Sometimes premium themes will come with built-in mega menus. Below is a list of 4 of the best looking and feature rich themes available on ThemeForest.



SimpleMag is a magazine style theme that comes with many features, including a mega menu. You can use the drag and drop page builder to customize your homepage to your liking, set what you want your category layouts to display as either grid, list, blog or masonry, use the custom shortcodes to spruce up the look of your blog and more.

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Another multipurpose theme that comes with a built-in mega menu is MultiNews. With MultiNews you also have a built-in review system, an advertising system for ads, the option to turn your blog into a flipping magazine instead of the standard blog layout and the option to use different sidebars for each post or page including category pages.

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StockHolm is a very popular ThemeForest theme with over 6,400 sales and a near perfect 4.8/5 rating. With Stockholm you have access to a customizable mega menu, animation effects, a drag and drop page builder, header widgets, custom post formats, a carousal slider, an image and video slider and more.

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Enfold is actually the second best selling WordPress theme on the ThemeForest marketplace. It is also one of the best rated with an impressive 4.9/5 rating. With Enfold you have access to a customizable mega menu, a drag and drop page builder, a powerful theme settings and sidebar manager, instant search with AJAX, slideshow capability and more.

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